Kintrol established themselves as pioneers in automation technology within Australia some fifteen years ago.

Their involvement in an office building project on the Gold Coast at that time continues to exemplify their ongoing leadership in this field. This project not only showcased Kintrol’s expertise but also highlighted the significant benefits their automated window products brought to the office space.

The office building, located in a bustling business district on the Gold Coast, consisted of numerous office rooms that required a sophisticated approach to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Kintrol seamlessly integrated their motorised window designs with the office’s HVAC system, creating a cohesive environment that prioritized both energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

By customizing the motorised window solutions to align with the stakeholders’ requirements and preferences, Kintrol was able to enhance the overall functionality of the office space. The automated windows effectively regulated natural light, ventilation, and temperature, significantly reducing the building’s energy consumption and operational costs. The integration of these features not only improved the office’s sustainability credentials but also created a more pleasant and productive work environment for employees.

Kintrol’s automated window products also introduced a sense of smart-building modernity to the office construction, aligning perfectly with the company’s commitment to innovation and efficiency. This successful collaboration continues to serve as a testament to the transformative power of automation technology in commercial spaces.