Window automation is a growing, innovative industry that offers environmentally conscience airflow solutions, convenience and lifestyle options to buildings like never before with designs and technology like never before.

Automated Window controls include:

  • electric display and operation
  • design to your exact requirements
  • hybrids.

Kintrol is the authorised Australian distributor of TOPP automated window systems. All products are manufactured to the highest standards.

The future is smart technology. Why manually operate when automation is cost effective solution that offers so much more than simply open and close?

Automated Smart Windows:

Operate individually or simultaneously and offer a range of control panels available in alternative finishes. Back–up battery protection and low amperage. Guarantee warranty. The mechanism can be concealed. Can be synchronized to air conditioning, security units and fully home automation like BMS systems. Controls can be synchronised or operate individually. Elegant profiles in a variety of finishes.

Sensors can be fitted to many of our products with a growing range of inputs, such as smoke, rain, hail, temperature, wind, time and smog.

Wall mounted control panels are flexible to requirements including switches; touch screens, LED or dials. Our smartphone control app and held remote controls are also available.

New Cintrol UltraDrive Window Automation:

See the below video introducing our latest new product, and click here for more details



CintrolNet is a WiFi based network system which enables smart control of window systems.

Kintrol systems use WiFi networks to integrate with other building management systems such as air conditioning, heating and fire monitoring, to regulate room temperature and ventilation. As the virtual heart of your system, CintrolNet maintains the parameters that you set by efficiently managing the flow and quality of air throughout your building.

If your windows are open and the interior sensors detect the maximum desired temperature, they can be automatically closed, enabling the air-conditioning system to control the temperature. The same is true of external smoke, rain or strong winds. Kintrol products are engineered specifically for Australian climates and their intuitive functionality also monitors and responds to wind direction, fire, dust, gases and moisture from both rain and humidity.

cintrol net controller


The ACK4 is an electric actuator model with a double link articulated stainless steel chain,enclosed in a special diecast aluminum casing, painted with epoxy powders, with different mounting accessories for top and bottom hung windows.

Operation at 230V 50Hz. or, as an alternative, at 24V DC. Max. traction and thrust force 300N. End of stroke adjustable at 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 mm by an external knob located on both sides of the actuator. Electronic device with acoustic warning to signal erroneous installation (buzzer). Upon request, a preset “S” version for the synchronous operation of two actuators on the same window is available. High protection IP 55 rated. Available IP66 version (fixed stroke). CE marked device.

kintrol ACK4 chain actuator


The electric C20 actuator with double link articulated chain, enclosed in a suitable casing, offers different mounting accessories for top and bottom hung windows.

Operation at 230V 50Hz or, as an alternative, at 24V DC. Maximum applicable load 300N. Fast hooking and unhooking system of the chain to the window. Adjustment of the force and of the stroke at 240 or 360mm by external knobs. Electronic end of stroke in closing by current absorption control. CE marked device.

Kintrol C20 chain actuator


The S80 linear electric actuator with self-aligning tilting movement, comes complete with a support and fitting accessory for top hung windows or sun blades and louvres.

Operation at 230V 50Hz, or, as an alternative, at 24V DC. Max. traction and thrust force 800N. Preset for the synchronous operation of two actuators on the same window. Available strokes: 200 – 400 – 600 – 800 – 1000mm. Worm screw in stainless steel and IP68 protection degree for 200 and 400mm strokes. IP65 for 600, 800 and 1000mm strokes. CE marked device.

kintrol S80 linear stem actuator


The T50 is a linear electrical rack actuator, with self-aligning swivel movement. It comes complete with brackets and fitting accessories for top hung windows.

Available at 230V 50Hz or at 24V DC. Max. applicable force 500N, max. stroke 1000mm +/- 20mm. Stroke adjustable about every 50mm by external adjusting selector. Preset for the mechanical connection of two or more push points by transmission rod. The S version is for simultaneous synchronization and operation of two actuators installed on a single window (without connecting bar) available on demand. CE marked device.

kintrol T50 rack actuator


Please note that this product is no longer available. For alternatives please contact us to discuss the best solution for your needs.

kintrol sl60 actuator