Window automation is a growing, innovative industry that offers environmentally conscience airflow solutions, convenience and lifestyle options to buildings like never before with designs and technology like never before.

Automated Window controls include:

  • electric display and operation
  • design to your exact requirements
  • hybrids.

Kintrol is the authorised Australian distributor of TOPP automated window systems. All products are manufactured to the highest standards.

The future is smart technology. Why manually operate when automation is cost effective solution that offers so much more than simply open and close?

Automated Smart Windows:

Operate individually or simultaneously and offer a range of control panels available in alternative finishes. Back–up battery protection and low amperage. Guarantee warranty. The mechanism can be concealed. Can be synchronized to air conditioning, security units and fully home automation like BMS systems. Controls can be synchronised or operate individually. Elegant profiles in a variety of finishes.

Sensors can be fitted to many of our products with a growing range of inputs, such as smoke, rain, hail, temperature, wind, time and smog.

Wall mounted control panels are flexible to requirements including switches; touch screens, LED or dials. Our smartphone control app and held remote controls are also available.