Kintrol’s Cintrol Net self-functioning command system has in recent years become a beacon in the automation of the Australian glass and window industry. Recent new additions to the Brisbane based window and door automation specialist already advanced control system bring even greater control capabilities to users of automated window systems from the convenience of smartphone and tablet devices.


The operation of Kintrol automatic window control system, used to manage temperature and ventilation in a wide range of applications, can now be monitored and controlled by two people in two very different locations. This enables the responsibility for the control of any system be shared between two employees. As well as providing a secure back-up control if needed, it also enables continuous monitoring when the main operator is temporarily unable to manage the system, for example during a meeting, or temporarily occupied by another matter.

The dual touchscreen capabilities can also be limited if required, enabling only some of the functionality to be handed to the second operator. Cintrol Net’s comprehensive master and slave capabilities mean that the master operator has complete control over the scheduling and level of capabilities of the slave device.


Cintrol Net command systems now include the ability to control functionality from anywhere. Control of an automated system can be carried out both manually on site, and remotely across a WiFi connection. Automated window systems are used in residential, commercial and industrial environments and can just as easily cater to the operation of window furnishing, curtains and screens as they can control large window ventilation systems in school sports halls or manufacturing plants. Now with the ability to control the window system from afar, it is possible to open or close the windows, and the furnishing too if you have them, wherever you are and whenever you need to.


The inclusion of new wind speed and direction reactivity and rain monitoring sensors now mean that Cintrol Net automation of windows can be set to respond and react to changes in the weather. Built to withstand our extreme Australian weather conditions, they provide the perfect way to manage the ventilation of your premises in summertime, whilst ensuring protection from thunder and dust storms and other unexpected extreme weather events.

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