Kintrol automated windows and doors are smart. The power windows or electric opener systems monitor their environment and react when required, opening or closing automated windows and doors to provide sustainable comfort, safety, security or to avoid damage.

For example if there is a fire outside and it becomes smoky, the automated windows and doors will automatically close to prevent the spread of fumes. Or should it become too hot inside, the electric window operation can automatically open with an electric opener system or manual window operating system to increase ventilation. Maybe you accidentally left the windows open when leaving the building; Kintrol automated windows can also be set to close when movement is detected outside. The same goes for rain, strong winds, temperature drops, smog, hail or even just the time of day. This also helps to provide a sustainable environment.

Our window control products operate as stand–alone systems and sync with other home automation, security, air–conditioning and Building Management Systems (BMS). Kintrol is the window & door automation specialist. Talk to us today, there is a solution with an electric opener system or manual window operating system.

Harness the natural elements to your advantage with a GreenSmart and sustainable building environment in your home, work place or public space and bring your windows and doors to life. We work with the world’s best to offer you the best window control products that deliver, last and uphold the aesthetics of your build. We are leading with the latest technology from Kintrol’s own workshops and from Europe. Kintrol® have the expertise to make home automation and BMS for your project a GreenSmart and sustainable building reality.

To discuss your window and door automation needs please contact us today and to request a detailed estimate please use our online enquiry form.