Remote management of a tranquil, safe and healthy environment for swimmers

Thanks to Kintrol’s CintrolNet remote management system, this indoor swimming pool on Queensland’s Gold Coast now has a tranquil, safe and comfortable atmosphere for swimmers. Wi-Fi switch Smart Window Automation enables the flow of fresh air to be automatically controlled so that the perfect temperature is maintained.

The creation of a site-specific Wi-Fi centre, designed in accordance with Australian Standards, ensures proper ventilation and, uniquely, the promotion of a healthy environment with an innovative chlorine removal management system. This was integrated with affordable hardware and our super-organized programming allows for easy window movement and preset responsive behaviour. A networked Wi-Fi router supports sensors and allows system configuration through a smartphone app or a Wi-Fi connected touchscreen. As well as improving environmental conditions, Kintrol’s unique solution also provides convenience for staff whether they are onsite or away from the complex. They can control, supervise, and view devices remotely using the mobile app, providing easy access and management from anywhere with internet connectivity.

CintrolNet is a dedicated Wi-Fi network designed for security purposes, with a host of other capabilities and applications. The indoor pool system is compatible with ventilation windows, exhaust system fans, timing, rain, and temperature sensors, both internal and external, to provide the best for the pool area purge. It uses the hierarchy, that can be changed, of set rules for various functions like smoke or fire detection, air conditioning control, rain or drizzle detection, security monitoring, and programmable input versatility.

The integration and provision in the software and hardware sets it apart from other industry rivals who cannot handle as many functions successfully, especially to remove hazardous chlorine gases from the pool area. The CintrolNet pool system also includes sensors and systems for internal/external temperature, humidity, gas detection, wind speed, and wind direction.

Our team in Australia designs and manufactures project-specific hardware and programming for simple and complexed operations, a feature to improve the system is off-site viewing, and updates.