In recent decades the growing and evolving area of environmental sustainability in buildings has been fuelled innovation at Kintrol.

Our automation solutions have partnered in many high star rating, low carbon footprint innovative buildings.

Partnering with clever architecture automotive windows utilise the environment like natural air–conditioning. Windows automation can connect to green power neutralizing emissions whilst giving maximum lifestyle options.

Heating and cooling the home is attributed to 11% of Australian residential use of energy. Natural passive cooling is the least expensive way to cool your home, office or building. It has the lowest environmental impact and appropriate for all Australian climates.

Using an Australian company and fabricator who is conscious about carbon emissions will transfer into lower carbon emissions for your project.

Kintrol® is an environmentally conscious company striving to lower carbon emissions in business practice. Kintrol® has recycling programs and energy reduction policies with the objective to create an environmentally sustainable company.