In 2018 Architecture Koen won an Educational Architectural Award in the Queensland Architecture Awards for the Springfield Anglican College Year 1 Classrooms. As part of this project, new and existing windows were specified to be interactive with the HVAC system.

As designers, manufacturers, and distributors of quality automation solutions for windows of all styles and sliding doors, Kintrol’s Kbuss system was selected for the project.

The Kintrol Kbuss system is smart – providing an environmentally conscious airflow solution and convenience to the classrooms. When air conditioning is switched on, the windows close automatically and lock to stop them from being opened.

A manual switch installed in each of the classrooms allows individual room operation – providing there are no conflicts with the HVAC and / or timer. A second operation, provided by a touch screen, enables viewing and minor operations including on board security code for operation or adjustment, and function scheduling. The system also contains an ‘auto close’ for building shutdown in the evening, and individual room switching permitting timed operation out of hours.

In addition to these features, the Kintrol Kbuss system is capable of monitoring the environment and reacting when required. In the event of a smoky external fire, windows can automatically close to prevent the spread of fumes. If it becomes too hot inside, windows can automatically open to increase ventilation. If windows are left open when leaving a building, they can be set to close when movement is detected outside. Kintrol automated windows can also be set for rain, strong winds, temperature drops, smog, hail, or even for a specific time.

The new world class Kintrol© Net WiFi Kbuss system is Australian designed and manufactured. Based on plug-n-play technology, this system features onsite viewing as well as offsite viewing and interaction from anywhere in the world with high level security protocols.

Kintrol automated windows and doors provide easy to use, convenient, environmentally conscious airflow solutions and lifestyle options to residential and commercial buildings with the latest advances in design and technology.

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