Intelligent Window Automation Safety

Intelligent Window Automation Safety

Kintrol is proud to announce our latest innovation, the Cintrol UltraDrive. It introduces user friendly, affordable, and intelligent safety features to automated sliding windows.

Safety is paramount. Cintrol UltraDrive features a sensor which automatically stops window motion when it detects an obstruction, ensuring the safety of both people or objects in its path. Its design ensures no entrapment; not even the tiniest paw or a curious nose will be caught. It is also very secure, being fortified with state-of-the-art features to guard against outside dangers. We’ve mastered affordability too. Kintrol’s UltraDrive offers unrivalled features at a price that won’t break the bank. If minimalism is paramount, we have the ability to discretely conceal the slider mechanism. Either way, Cintrol UltraDrive powered windows glide effortlessly when opening and closing. Kintrol’s range of CintrolNet control panels will capably manage our versatile range of door and window automation solutions. CintrolNet includes touchscreen interfaces, dual control options, and the ability to manage and set functionality remotely from Smartphones and tablets. As the control heart of various building management technologies, allowing for regulating air quality, temperature, ventilation, and providing security, CintrolNet, combined with the new UltraDrive, can create the ultimate smart home and building automation solution. Contact us today to find out more.
Indoor Pool Management with CintrolNet

Indoor Pool Management with CintrolNet

Remote management of a tranquil, safe and healthy environment for swimmers

Thanks to Kintrol’s CintrolNet remote management system, this indoor swimming pool on Queensland’s Gold Coast now has a tranquil, safe and comfortable atmosphere for swimmers. Wi-Fi switch Smart Window Automation enables the flow of fresh air to be automatically controlled so that the perfect temperature is maintained.

The creation of a site-specific Wi-Fi centre, designed in accordance with Australian Standards, ensures proper ventilation and, uniquely, the promotion of a healthy environment with an innovative chlorine removal management system. This was integrated with affordable hardware and our super-organized programming allows for easy window movement and preset responsive behaviour. A networked Wi-Fi router supports sensors and allows system configuration through a smartphone app or a Wi-Fi connected touchscreen. As well as improving environmental conditions, Kintrol’s unique solution also provides convenience for staff whether they are onsite or away from the complex. They can control, supervise, and view devices remotely using the mobile app, providing easy access and management from anywhere with internet connectivity.

CintrolNet is a dedicated Wi-Fi network designed for security purposes, with a host of other capabilities and applications. The indoor pool system is compatible with ventilation windows, exhaust system fans, timing, rain, and temperature sensors, both internal and external, to provide the best for the pool area purge. It uses the hierarchy, that can be changed, of set rules for various functions like smoke or fire detection, air conditioning control, rain or drizzle detection, security monitoring, and programmable input versatility.

The integration and provision in the software and hardware sets it apart from other industry rivals who cannot handle as many functions successfully, especially to remove hazardous chlorine gases from the pool area. The CintrolNet pool system also includes sensors and systems for internal/external temperature, humidity, gas detection, wind speed, and wind direction.

Our team in Australia designs and manufactures project-specific hardware and programming for simple and complexed operations, a feature to improve the system is off-site viewing, and updates.

Kintrol: the ‘Lighthouse’ Automation Business

Kintrol: the ‘Lighthouse’ Automation Business

Present and emerging trends in the window ventilation industry

The term lighthouse is synonymous with powerful lights that pierce the darkness and are essential to safe, successful maritime navigation. Increasingly used to describe the beacons of technology, companies leading the way in their respective industries, Kintrol are one such business, creating unique automation solutions from one project to the next.

As an agile designer and provider of automation systems for window and door applications, Kintrol is regularly approached to create solutions where no conventional ‘off the shelf’ option exists. In conjunction with Architects, Builders, Electricians or end-users, the company design, model and construct entire solutions in their workshop. This enables them to provide clients with fit-for-purpose, turnkey or plug and play solutions which simply require, installation, connection and testing.

Demand patterns in Australia have in the past few years seen far greater inclusion of sensors to monitor air flow and air quality conditions, enabling window automation systems to react accordingly. This could for example mean closing a wall of windows at a University when a storm is approaching from a specific direction, or opening all windows at an exhibition centre upon detecting smoke inside the building. In-fact virtually all changes to air conditions, both internally and externally can be used as triggers to instigate the operation of any number of windows.

More recently, requests to integrate newer technologies such as wi-fi and touchscreen devices with traditional automation components like drives and switches is steadily on increase.

Said owner Ivan Kinsela “Our experience lies in creating one-off solutions that specifically meet customer requirements, rather than compromising on functionality because the available off-the-shelf products are incapable of doing the job. We take particular pride in getting each solution right, no matter the size or scale of the project.”

Kintrol’s specialist experience lies in being able to ensure security with such publicly available technology and applications. It’s great to think that you can remotely open or close the windows of your property with a smartphone app, but lesser known about wi-fi systems is the ease with which the popular Zigbee or similar wi-fi networks can be hacked. Whilst security might be less of an issue with a tablet used by your children, the consequences of such a device as the security gateway to your home or business premises is potentially far more damaging. Rest assured that we only use secure network platforms with our products.

The company is also completely flexible with its system support. As well as being able to diagnose faults or even misuse of operation remotely with IT network infrastructure, rather than forcing clients into rigid, short term service agreements they fully understand the nature of the one-off solution and provide support accordingly. Kinsela added “We appreciate that a lot of our solutions aren’t mass produced. Being more specifically designed individual solutions, this requires the reassurance that should something need our attention a few years down the line, we ensure that it is remedied as soon as possible. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, we are on the case in a shot.”

So, if you are ‘in the dark’ about a custom solution to meet specific tender or construction requirements, start by calling us to discuss your spec, and if it’s possible, we can help you to make it happen.

Queensland Architecture Award Winners

Queensland Architecture Award Winners

Architecture Koen wins State Award for Kintrol based system project.

Kintrol is proud to have been involved with Architecture Koen who recently won the 2018 Queensland Architecture State Award for Educational Architecture.

The award was presented for Architecture Koen’s Springfield Anglican College Year 1 Classroom project. Providing the integrated product solution and support to Architecture Koen, Kintrol were challenged to ensure that the specification for the college HVAC system to be interactive with its windows was successfully delivered.
The specific requirement was to ensure that when the Air Con was switched on, the windows were automatically closed to provide a lock out.

The operation of the windows could only be controlled in each individual classroom by a manual switch – if there were no conflicts with the HVAC and Timer. Additionally, an auto-close capability was created, permitting timed operation out of hours.

For more information, please contact Kintrol on 07 390 1955 or use our contact form.

Smart, Environmental & Sustainable

Smart, Environmental & Sustainable

In recent decades, the environmental sustainability of buildings has fuelled innovation at Kintrol.

With an increased community focus on energy efficiency and environmental impacts smart buildings have become the clear infrastructure solution for residential and commercial buildings. Kintrol, in consultation with respected architects, have delivered a cutting-edge solution which meets the evolving social demands of their clients. In a recent project for the Meals on Wheels commercial building in Wakefield, Queensland, Kintrol successfully implemented a well-designed solution that was easily integrated into the existing building design.


The scope of the project encompassed multi-function spaces, including kitchen, lounge, boardroom, office and community areas. The project required a solution which would be suitable for both permanent and casual staff across various operations of the business, for the preparation and delivery of meals to the community. As rooms at the centre are also available to hire by the public, security was an additional community concern. The design solution had to meet these various staffing needs, be efficient, environmentally sustainable and security focussed.


Cintrol Net, a window and door automation system that provides comfort, safety and security to its users with full on-site and off-site operation and monitoring of windows, was the ideal product to meet the brief. With Cintrol Net automation the client is able to set windows to open and close automatically with a timer, for the whole building or each individual zone within the building. The timer can also be overwritten for security or safety reasons. For example, in the event of a fire, exceeding internal temperature thresholds or the onset of inclement weather, as defined by the Hierarchy of Priority. Implementation of Cintrol Net in the new Meals on Wheels building creates an environmentally responsive building that is mindful of its occupants and is sustainable and self-operating. The building houses a commercial kitchen for the preparation and distribution of meals for delivery services, which generated specific functionality requirements that were easily met by the flexibility of the Cintrol Net system. In order for the kitchen hood fans to function efficiently, ‘makeup air’ is required. This is simply air that flows into the kitchen to replace the air that has already been extracted. The Hierarchy of Priority locks the kitchen-zones windows open when the extractor fans are in use to ensure safe operation. Other zoned areas include the community meeting room, staff lounge, boardroom and offices. Windows in these zones can be pre-programmed for secure monitoring and selective activation on-site via the touch screen or off-site via the mobile app.


Several features have been implemented to create a smart, responsive building that is comfortable and sustainable for the community in all conditions. If the temperature rises above a pre-set comfort level, windows automatically open to increase ventilation. Other weather sensors can also be installed that detect precipitation, wind direction and speed, air quality and external temperature, and the windows can be programmed to open or close when pre-set criteria are met. For example, a drop in the air quality due to smog or smoke will trigger the close of all windows. When the building air conditioning system is in operation, the windows will close, until such time as the air conditioning is switched off.


The building also features a main switch to ‘close all on exit’. However, if windows are accidentally left open the building is left unoccupied prior or pre-set times, an optional security feature will close the windows when movement is detected outside. With the availability of pre-programmed monitoring, optional password protected access, onsite touch screen functionality, and offsite mobile app control, this innovative solution met the necessary safety and security needs of the client. The Cintrol Net window automation solution provides Meals on Wheels Wakefield with a smart, easy to use, self-functioning system, that meets the specific operation requirements and is also fully adjustable. The completed design solution delivered a highly efficient and environmentally sustainable automation system, implemented in an easy and cost-effective way. For more information, please contact Kintrol on 07 390 1955 or use our contact form.